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Preventative Maintenance

Proper tree care can not only protect your home from damage, but will also prevent you from having to do significant amounts of tree work all at one time.

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Consistent and scheduled tree trimming and pruning improves the health, safety and appearance of your trees.

Emergency Storm Damage Response

Arbor Works Tree Care has a team of professionals ready to help clean up fallen trees and tree limbs damaged by Arizona storms.

Stump Grinding

Dangerous liabilities on your property are not a good thing, and dead tree stumps are not only dangerous, but an eye sore as well!

Tree removal

In certain circumstances, it is more safe and cost-effective to remove a tree that poses threats to your property and safety.

Palm Tree Trimming

Our quiet, knife-pruning system is key to the health of your trees and to keeping quiet while beautifying your home or property.

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