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Tree Health Consultations

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Tree Health Consultations

Here at Arbor Works Tree Care, we foster a holistic approach to tree health, as most tree problems arise or worsen because of basic environmental factors. Environmental factors that affect a tree most are things such as:

  • Watering
  • Soil quality
  • How a tree was planted

Although there are exceptions, as long as these conditions are optimal, the tree with likely thrive. Conscientiously taking good care of our trees using preventative maintenance will mean not having to worry about the myriad of complicated tree problems that require a degree in tree pathology to diagnose and treat. Therefore, instead of a long list of possible tree problems, many of them hard for the average tree-owner to pronounce let alone understand, our Tree Health Consultation will diagnose and help you to AVOID the problems in the future. We offer free assessment of the health of your trees by our certified arborist. Chances are, the problems found can be curbed by improving the aforementioned environmental factors that affected the tree’s health.

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